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Mcmor Technologies

Unbeatable and Excellent Services

servicing firm involved in industrial maintenance support
services for Oil & Gas, Maritime, Engineering and General
Contracting Services Companies,  Corporate Bodies,
Individuals and Government Agencies.

The Company has been rendering unbeatable quality and
excellent services on ICT Consultancy, especially on
Computer Sales & Support i.e Desktop & laptops,
Repairs & Maintenance services, Networking, Technical
support services like Internet setup  (Vsat, Fiber optics
and wireless broadband), Inmarsat Installations, Server Administration,
Planning and Logistics services.


Authorized dealer/contractor

ABROTT TECHNOLOGIES is an Authorized dealer/contractor/representative to many first class ICT companies across the globe i.e Gilat Satcom, HP, Techno, Station Satcom, Stratos etc. Incorporated in Nigeria on 24th 2009, Abrott Technologies has been rendering unbeatable and excellent service to its ever-increasing clients and customers.

In the course of executing our job, we have established a workable organizational structure in place with the basic concepts and having the instrument of Management By Objectives (MBO) for efficiency, effectiveness, and growth within the line and staff managerial levels.

Latest discoveries and innovations

With a well-trained and equipped staff, including a strong international technical support and manpower backing from her foreign partners, Abrott-Tech is poised to providing her clients and customers with latest discoveries and innovations on information Technology as it unfolds.


Abrott Technologies seek to employ highly skilled Telecommunications experts with Information Technology bias.
If you feel you have the pedigree, grounded experience and versatility to the here-under, kindly forward your Cv to our information unit for proper documentation for job analysis.


Areas and specializations

  • Radio Communications Engineer.
  • Data Communications Engineer.
  • Satellite Communications Engineer.
  • Sales Engineer.
  • Lightning Prevention Engineer.
  • Network Analyst /Administration.
  • Marine Services Engineer
  • Security Systems Engineer


Welcome to magic Istria

Our company guarantees investors safety and provides solutions to organizations that lack effective communication systems especially in areas like telecom security services. With the state of the art security facilities at our disposal, we are privilege to supply, train, install and maintain electronic surveillance systems that detect, deter and enhance the apprehension of persons engaged in acts of industrial espionage, sabotage, burglary, robbery, arson etc.

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